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100% Organic Fertiliser

Produced for over 25 years, our 100% organic fertiliser is composted, milled and oven heated at over 200°C to produce a safe and economical product. One bag will treat up to 250 square metres.

Price/Ordering Quantities ...

36 x 15Kg bags of Groworganic @ £4.85 + VAT each delivered.

72 x 15Kg bags of Groworganic @ £4.55 + VAT each delivered.

Pelleted Chicken Fertiliser

Concentrated, easy to spread and odourless, our pelleted chicken fertiliser is available in two convenient sizes.

One or two handfuls per square metre for vegetables, soft fruits, flowers. A dissolved handful in one gallon of water for an excellent liquid feed. Scatter a handful on each layer of garden waste to enrich the compost. Also ideal for lawn feed at one handful per square metre.

Ordering Quantities ...

60 x 8Kg bucket of pellets

110 x 8Kg bucket of pellets

30 x 20Kg bag of pellets

60 x 20Kg bag of pellets

Specially for the Landscape Gardener/Designer

1 x Ton Bags available at Factory Gate or delivered to Site, please email us for full details.

Ordering Details

You can send us an email, full contact details are available here

Please Note: Delivery and payment will be arranged through one of our wholesalers, so no cheques will be required.
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