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Welcome to Groworganic!

Groworganic Natural FertiliserEvery day more and more gardeners are turning to the natural way of growing - organically. One of the most successful organic fertilisers is Groworganic, the 100% concentrated, oven-heated fertiliser. Groworganic is clean, dry and safe to use, as well as easy to handle, it's not just a tonic supplement, but a compost accelerator as well.

Groworganic not only conditions the soil, but breaks down clay and takes the backache out of gardening, it's safe with lime haters and no matter what condition your soil, hard sticky clay, sand or even dust Groworganic will produce healthy bumper crops of fruit, vegetables, flowers and plants - year in and year out.

Assisted by DEFRA - a department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs who help to ensure that the product is of the highest standard - Groworganic is a healthy way to grow your crops and be kind to the environment. So start using Groworganic now and grow the natural way!